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A union of the arts…

… at Château Saint-Martin at Vence from 23 April until 14 October 2018: The COSMO Foundation contributes to the creation of Erick Ifergan’s extraordinary exhibition at Château Saint-Martin by sponsoring several of his sculptures.

In many respects Erick Ifergan is at home everywhere. Not just geographically, born in Morocco, raised in France, come of age in the U.S.A., renowned around the globe. But also artistically he has traversed fields and conquered disciplines. Starting out with a Hasselblad at an early age he made a career as a photographer, award-winning director of videos and films before deploying his artistic skills as a painter, sculptor and creator of multimedia installations.

When looking at Erick Ifergan’s work, it becomes apparent that both his inspiration and his craft are fuelled by the diverse phases he has passed through in his life so far. There’s an unconscious lightness that lets him move from one discipline to another, transcending boundaries of countries, cultures and ages, blending varied sensual influences to create a synthesis all of his own.

As he himself says, “an addition of instinctive choices… direct me and the viewer towards unexplored and amazing places… I just have to let my choices and my mistakes guide me… leading me to accept that my brain is not the only master of my decisions… Sometimes the meanings of my paintings or my films appear long after I completed them.”

Now Erick and his art are moving into Château Saint-Martin in Vence, overlooking the Côte d’Azur. By placing his sculptures and paintings throughout the famous luxury hotel’s gardens and within its walls, he has created an allencompassing experience to be savoured by the totality of our senses. “For me, guests who stay at the Château SaintMartin are more than visitors to this exhibition. They have the opportunity to live in the midst of my oeuvre for a few days.”

A special installation in the historic chapel of the Château is the centerpiece of the show. The artist’s goal was to create a synthesis of shapes, colours, light, space and sounds that seduces visitors with contrasting elements and in doing so lets them become an integral part of the artwork. Thus Ifergan removes the separation not only of the various elements but also of the observer and the object observed – the ultimate consequence of a perfect synthesis.

We are especially proud to be able to contribute to the creation of this extraordinary exhibition at Château Saint-Martin by sponsoring several of Erick Ifergan’s sculptures.

Château Saint-Martin
2490 avenue des Templiers
06140 Vence, France
Phone: +33 4 93 58 02 02
Château Saint-Martin

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