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The COSMO Art & Science Foundation will support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award youth programme in the future

February 2024, “Discover your talent. We support.” In future, the COSMO Art & Science Foundation will support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award youth programme under the strong motto “You can do more than you think”. The start of the cooperation was sealed at a ceremony in London.

“We believe in talent and promote it. The first step is to discover your talent. And that is an outstanding strength of the Duke Award,” explains Barbara Bruns, the North German founder. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation supports youth programmes in over 130 countries that strengthen the thirst for discovery and self-confidence. “The cooperation for the youth programme is just the beginning. We look forward to further projects,” says the founder, who sees the new funding programme as an ideal complement to the COSMO Foundation’s established arts and science funding.

The founding of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award once fulfilled the vision of the British Prince Philip and the German educationalist Kurt Hahn: in 1956, they jointly launched a pioneering programme that has successfully reached over 13 million participants to date. Young people receive a “do-it-yourself growing up kit” – a kind of self-assembly kit for independent personal development. The award strengthens the happiness and satisfaction of adolescents through joint leisure activities and adventurous expeditions and thus promotes the development and achievement of personal goals. Since 2021, the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, has been the patron of the international award.

Founded in Hamburg in 2013, the COSMO Art & Science Foundation is dedicated in particular to the promotion of contemporary art. The second focus of the foundation is the preservation of health in animal breeding. The dedicated North German founding couple Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp are determined to continue investing in creative projects. “We believe that art, culture and science enrich our world and change the way we look at things. We also see creativity and self-confidence as the key to a better future and are proud to support the Duke of Edinburgh’s Foundation, which promotes the self-determined personal development of young people, both internationally and in Germany.”

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