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COSMO Foundation preamble

We the undersigned, Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp, hope that the COSMO Art & Science Foundation that we have established will make a contribution to promoting science and research in the area of animal breeding as well as to promoting art and culture.

For over 20 years, we have been passionately committed to successfully breeding dogs, placing top priority on their health. We have also been committed to art and culture for many years. Although these two areas seem to be very different at first glance, they both come under the heading of “respect and education”.

The foundation is guided by the principle that promoting art and culture and ensuring animal health in animal breeding represents an important element in respectful relations between humans, animals and nature.

We believe that both areas involve specific requirements that cannot be fulfilled through profit-oriented means alone. This is something we both feel very strongly about. We will actively shape this foundation and ensure that it is able to continue its work long after we are gone.

Hamburg, 2013

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