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Blood sample sales drive

Dear dog lovers,
with just a few drops of blood from our four-legged friends we all can support researches concerning distichiasis, cataract and PRA.
Get involved! For the well-being of future generations of dogs.
It is easy to join: Just click on the link “Questionnaire for dogs” at the end of the article. You may then save the questionnaire or print it out directly. Please fill in the questionnaire and send it together with the blood sample to:

COSMO Art & Science Foundation
Blood sample sales drive
Elbuferstr. 12
D-21423 Winsen/Luhe

Of course all documents will be kept in confidence. All data will be anonymised, thus the identity of the dog is encrypted during all processing steps. The information about the owner is stored only once in the data archives and does not appear in the processing. A transfer of data or sample material to third parties will not take place under any circumstances, unless the owner of the animal explicitly agrees. The anonymity and strict confidentiality of all data is guaranteed, even after completion of the project.

After successful completion of the research, the owners of the dogs will be notified and, by request, owners will be informed about the results of the investigation.

We also offer to take blood samples at your house:
As a skilled veterinarian assistant respective a doctorate veterinarian, Mrs. Heidi Brauer and Mrs. Dr. Julia Richter can take your blood samples professionally and pass it to Mr. Prof. Dr. Distl. You are pleased to make an appointment with us (phone: +49 4179 – 752619). In this case we would need a signed limitation of liability.

We are looking forward to your large support!
Please tell others about our blood samples sales drive. Maybe they also have connections to foreign breeders or owners, we can ask for help.

If we can assist you or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Barbara Bruns

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