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For over 20 years Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp have been breeding successfully with heart and passion for dogs and place great importance on the health of the animals. Similarly, for years they are engaged in art and culture.

Their experiences with dogs started at the end of their studies. Barbara Bruns and her partner Wolfgang Stamp were looking for a middle-sized, strong and a little shaggy dog, they could travel with. They decided in favor of a beige male PON with a big brown nose “Multi Ch. Eisbär PON von der Raubkammer” (Eisbär translated means Polarbear) and named him “Cosmo” after a dog they saw in a Russian movie.

He accompanied them everywhere and was a pleasurable guest in every restaurant and he even attended some economic classes at the university. He was a bit spoiled but nevertheless became a champion in Germany, Denmark, Austria and even an international champion. After this first dog, who caused Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp to breed PONs, the foundation was named "COSMO – Art & Science".

It shall be borne by the idea that the promotion of art and culture and the preservation of health in animal breeding are an important building block in the respectful treatment of humans, animals and nature. In both areas, we see concrete tasks that cannot be met solely by profit initiatives. This commitment is our heart.

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