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A union of the arts in the chapel at Château Saint-Martin

Photo A union of the arts in the chapel at Château Saint-Martin

Vence, 23 April until 14 October 2018

The COSMO Foundation contributes to the creation of Erick Ifergan’s extraordinary exhibition at Château Saint-Martin by sponsoring several of his sculptures.


Sculptural joie de vivre under the Mediterranean sun

Photo Tree Of Life in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez, 10 June through 30 November 2017

The COSMO Art & Science Foundation is proud to present ‘The Tree of Life’ at the Citadel of Saint-Tropez where Stefan Szczesny will be showcasing his monumental sculptures this summer.


Concept COSMO Art & Science Foundation - "Sculpture Garden"

COSMO Art & Science Foundation's Sculpture Garden focuses on the dialogue between art and nature. Perception of art shall be inseparable from experience of nature. Besides permanent exhibits (like 'Tree of Life' by Stefan Szczesny) there will be mainly changing exhibitions in cooperation with other galleries and exhibitions. The centrality of nature is primarily of aesthetic value: the installed art is not independent, it constitutes a constant interplay with the environment by which it is inspired.

COSMO Art & Science Foundation - Sculpture Garden - Aerial View

The Sculpture Garden is composed of three different zones of experience:

  • The seascape, which, inter alia, is to be experienced via a small bridge,
  • the wood landscape, in which art exhibits can be discovered rather coincidentally,
  • and the open field, in which sculptures integrate in existing planting.

The artist's complex can accommodate, for a certain period of time, the international artist working on site. For a diversified interaction, a dialogue with the public shall take place. The objective is not to exhibit art statically, but to give the public a deeper understanding in art.

The Sculpture Garden shall give visitors, tourists and especially residents the possibility to enjoy art, which is harmoniously fitted into the beautiful garden and to relax in the wonderful cultural landscape. Here it is allowed or rather a must to actively live the passion for nature, art and culinary delights.

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Szczesny's "Tree of Life" and ceramics at Villa Domergue

Drinks reception July 1, 2015, 17h30

We are delighted to inform you that Stefan Szczesny´s "Tree of Life", a 6.50 m , stainless steel sculpture, will be on display at Villa Domergue in Cannes this summer. The sculpture will be a highlight of an exhibition featuring several contemporary sculptors and ceramicists in the beautiful gardens of Villa Domergue, overlooking the bay of Cannes. A number of ceramic pieces by Stefan Szczesny will also be shown. In parallel to this, works by the French artist César will be on display inside Villa Domergue. Both exhibitions will open with a drinks reception on July 1 at 17h30.


img foto szczesny tree-of-life 2014-08-04 1

The "Tree of Life" in Avignon

(Photo © Gilles Bonugli Kali)


img foto 2014-05-20 Sculpture-Cloitre

COSMO Art & Science Foundation supports art project by Stefan Szczesny in Palais des Papes, Avignon

The COSMO Art & Science Foundation, established in 2013, has announced its first cultural grant project. The foundation’s founders, Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp, selected a worthy recipient for the arts grant – a sculpture specially designed for the Palais des Papes in Avignon by the renowned artist Stefan Szczesny.


Launch of Elbtrophy 2018

Launch of Elbtrophy 2018

COSMO Foundation is the main sponsor of the DCNH Landesverband Nord’s Club Winners Show 2018.


Thank you!

The COSMO Art & Science Foundation and the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover would like to thank all dog owners for their great support at the International Dog Show in Hannover on 01 / 02.11.2014 by providing blood samples of their dogs.

img foto blutspendeaufruf fotolia 46746854

Blood sample sales drive

Dear dog lovers,
with just a few drops of blood from our four-legged friends we all can support researches concerning distichiasis, cataract and PRA.

Get involved!
For the well-being of future generations of dogs.

Breeds to be sampled include Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies and other Nordic breeds, Akitas, American Akitas, Shibas, PONs, Elos, Lhasa Apsos, Tibetan Terrier and Lagottos.

It is easy to join!


img foto hund artikel-augenkrankheiten fotolia 61498176

Hereditary Eye Diseases in Dogs

The COSMO Art & Science Foundation works together with the Institute for Animal Breeding and Genetics of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ottmar Distl on a project, that has its focus on clarifying the causes for inherited primary cataracts and distichiasis in dogs.

The university employs all available methodology of modern genomic research to reach the objectives.


img foto vortrag erbliche-augenerkrankungen unterzeichnung 01

Seminar "Hereditary Eye Diseases in Dogs"

On 22.09.2012 a seminar on eye diseases in dogs from veterinary and genetic point of view took place in Embsen (Oerzen). Invited were breeders, veterinarians and everybody interested in breeding.

Speakers at the event were Prof. Dr. Distl (Director of the Institute for Animal Breeding and Genetics at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover) and Ulrike Koch (specialist vet ophthalmology).


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